Excursions, Tours on Hydra & Aegina For Athens 1 Day Cruise

While much of your Athens day cruise might be spent relaxing on the deck at your cruise ship, fine food and pampering might wear a little thin after a while. So why not get out and have some fun on one of the great tours that are available. You will be spoiled for choice… everything from an island walking tour on Hydra, Aegina Swimming Tour, Aegina Panoramic Tour, to something like exploring the ancient temple of Aphaia & St Nektarios Monastery Tour – been on this too, fantastic.

We recommend you to book one of these tours on the boat, taking advantage of the Special Offers!

Extra Excursions, Tours on Hydra & Aegina For Athens 1 Day Cruise

Walking Tour in Hydra

panorama of Hydra island

Enjoy the best of Hydra and participate in the Hydra Walking Tour. It starts at the 18th century Merchant Marine Academy and the statue of ‘Miaoulis’, the admiral that leaded the War of Independence in 1821. And if you don’t like to walk, there is another option! Ride a donkey!

Visit the traditional patisserie build in1930 and enjoy its famous macaroons. Explore the island’s history. Our first stop is at the flag of the island that symbolizes the unquestionable faith and the strong will of Greek people to obtain their freedom from Turkish slavery. Next, visit the famous square where scenes from a ‘James Bond’ film were shot. Also, the square dedicated to Kountouriotis,  the Prime Minister of Greece originating from Hydra.

Continue with the island’s highlights, visit “Rafalia” the oldest pharmacy in Europe, the Monastery of the Assumption of Mary, the Ecclesiastical Museum, and the cannons of the island. Here enjoy the view to the small island where the oldest shipwreck in the world (2,200 BC) was discovered in 1975.

Swimming Tour in Aegina

beach on agistri island greeceAre you ready for a fun adventure? Ride our speedboat to the crystal waters of either Agistri or Moni a nearby island for a swim (depending on weather conditions). The two picturesque islands close to Aegina, Agistri is just 12 minutes away and Moni only a 7-minute speedboat ride from the port.

These beautiful beaches are ideal for swimming surrounded by exquisite natural beauty. Swim in the crystal clear, waters and enjoy the sandy beaches, next to peacocks, and may even see a deer in the distance.

You will have plenty of time to relax at the beach on comfortable lounge chairs, complete with an umbrella. The tour lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Panoramic Tour in Aegina

fishing boats in aegina islandStarting from the main port of Aegina we head to the north coast, passing by the Temple of Apollo (6th century BC. BC), admiring the beauty of the island, passing by the house of Kazantzakis, the statue “The mother” by Kapralos, and Souvala, the picturesque fishing village.

Changing direction from Souvala, we head to Paleochora, in the center of the island, full of pines, olive, and pistachio trees. We make a small stop for a panoramic photograph of Salamis, seeing both deep completions, the mountains of the Peloponnese, a truly magical place.

Moving on, we stop again for a photo from the hill of Paleochora, admiring the hill chapels that survive until today and is in very good condition since the Middle Ages. Some of them maintain and frescoes.

We then go to the new monastery of St. Nektarios of Pilgrimage. And to close this fascinating trip, we visit a pistachio production center, where we see up close throughout the treatment process of pistachios, which passes through high-tech machinery from the tree until the sale. You will have the possibility to test fresh pistachios in different forms.

The Aegina Classical Tour

Saint Nektarios church on Aegina islandVisit the building, where Ioannis Kapodistrias resided as the first Governor of Greece.

Continue to visit the Temple of Afaia in the sanctuary, founded in ancient Aegina to commemorate the Minoan deity Afaia, daughter of Zeus and Carme.

The temple is in the Dorian style and is considered by many to be the model the Parthenon is Athens. Built on top of a wooded hill, it offers the most magnificent view over the island, the Saronic Gulf, Piraeus, and Salamina Island. Our guide will tell you the fascinating story of the intriguing history of this beautiful site.

Then from there, we take you to the center of the island to the Church dedicated to Saint Nectarios, a healer of the Greek Orthodox Church, where we make a small stop for photographs and you can admire its beautiful Byzantine architecture. For more information ask your hostess on board! Have a good time!

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