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About us; More than 30 years of experience in cruises and tours in Greece

From the biggest port in Greece, Piraeus, to the islands of the Saronic Gulf, Athens One Day Cruise is proud of its more than 30 years of cruising knowledge-creating unique and exciting travel experiences.

Athens One Day Cruise is a tour & cruise experts owned, cruise operator. Our vessels have hosted some of the world’s most prestigious events and dignitaries. Incentives for some of the most well-known companies

Our Mission:

Athens One Day Cruise strives to be the market leader and premier small ship cruise line operator in Greece. Our aim is to provide the highest quality Athens One Day Cruise and extended cruise product for our customers. We do this by being market focused and also identifying that it is not only the quality of our ships but the high value we place in our crew and their dedication and commitment to our customers that create this result.

About us | Athens (1) One Day Cruise

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