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Island of Poros

Poros island, Greece

The second island of Athens one day cruise is Poros.  Poros is a volcanic island, formed through the union of two smaller islands, Kalouria and Sphaeria. It lies in close proximity to the Argolid, separated from the Peloponeese by an extremely narrow channel.  Archaeological buffs will want to visit the scant remains of the Sanctuary of Poseidon, 5km from the town of Poros on the road to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

Poros Island Greece

Poros Island Greece

The sanctuary is situated, like so many ancient temples, amidst the most beautiful setting on the island. It dates back to the 6th Century BC and was the centre of the Kalaurian League, a maritime confederation formed by Ermioni, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Aigina, Athens and Orchomenos. It was also a refuge for those shipwrecked or  persecuted. It was here that Demosthenes is said to have drunk poison after having been concerned by his enemies in 322 BC.  PorosIsland300Built on the sides of a small hill, the town of Poros has the blue woodwork and white walls so typical of Greek island architecture.

Swimmers will find charming little sandy bays all along the way to Neorio, rimmed with pine tress that run down to the sea. The approach to Poros by ferry is extremely picturesque. Crossing to the mainland is made easy, by dozens of little boats, which constantly transport people from coast to coast. A visit to the Lemon Forest (Lemonodassos) is a favourite excursion from Galatas.