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Athens One Day Cruise Program

Poros, Hydra, Aegina

The most famous one day cruise in Greece. Athens One Day Cruise takes you now to the 3 Saronic Golf islands of Aegina, Poros & Hydra. Cruise through the island of myths, history, and beauty. Enjoy the blue of the Aegean sea, the fascinating landscape , and the Greek cuisine with the company of our folklore music and dancing.

Athens One Day Cruise Program

08:00 Departure
11:15 Arrival to Hydra
12:45 Departure from Hydra
14:00 Arrival to Poros (Lunch
14:50 Departure from Poros
16:00 Arrival to Aegina
18:00 Departure from Aegina
19:15 Return to the same spot

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08:00 Departure from marina Flisvos (Trokadero) or Piraeus port

From the very beginning of the cruise our live orchestra and entertainers will put you in the right mood with their Greek & international music repertoire. Relax on one of the spacious open decks and enjoy the enchanting views of the Saronic Gulf.

11:15 Arrival to Hydra. As we enter the port of Hydra you will be able to admire the unique architecture and dramatic landscapes of this island, whose small narrow stone-paved streets waiting to be explored on foot or by the island’s traditional “vehicle” s– the addled donkey.

12:45 Departure from Hydra. The journey continues and as we sail towards Poros Island lunch is served giving you an opportunity to enjoy a rich choice of Greek Specialties accompanied with a cheerful repertoire of Greek and International music played by our orchestra.

14:00 Arrival to Poros. Poros is the smallest of the three islands, separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait and offering a most enchanting view of Poros Town. Your time at leisure in Poros will be about 50 minutes

14:50 Departure from Poros. The journey continues sailing towards the Island of Aegina.

16:00 Arrival to Aegina. Upon arrival you will have time to relax & enjoy this beautiful island. We can heartily recommend one of our Tours which will help you explore the rich history & natural beauty of Aegina.
1) Guided Bus Tour to the Temple of Aphaia and Byzantine Church of Saint Nectarios.
2) Panoramic Bus Tour of the Island.
Those who just prefer to relax can enjoy a quiet moment at one of the charming coffee shops on the waterfront.

18:00 Departure from Aegina. Finally as we sail towards Piraeus you can enjoy or “Traditional Greek Folk Show” with singers and dancers in original costumes from all of Greece who, together with our officers, Hostesses and the ever amusing entertainer Jeannot will entertain and animate you up to the final moments as the ship docs in the port.

19:15 Return to the same spot

Important note: The order of visiting the 3 islands can be changed according to the traffic and weather conditions.

Price per adult: 100€ start from the harbor
                              112€ including transfers from Athens
Price per child: 75€ including transfers from Athens
                             60€ start from the harbor



VIP Cruise Package price per adult: 245€
VIP Cruise Package price per child 05-11: 155€

We wish you a great time!!